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DEHNpatch Outdoor Lives up to what other arresters promise! DEHNpatch Outdoor, the optimum protection for use in outdoor or industrial applications. No more messing at the top of a mast! The DEHNpatch Outdoor comes pre-installed in the IP66 enclosure – making mounting extremely simple – bend the seal open, neatly insert the cable – finished. You use pre-wired cables – the screws are captivated in the lid so they can’t fall out … and installation is as quick as a flash. You are flexible in terms of mounting. You decide whether to mount it on a pole or wall, horizontally or vertically – all no problem at all thanks to the practical, universal mounting bracket. Applications: IP / PTZ security and process cameras Wireless Access Points (WAP) / Point to Point (PTP/PTMP) communications systems Remote Computer Terminals (RCT) / Point of Sale (POS) systems Door access / locking systems, intercoms, emergency phone / call boxes LCD / digital signage displays Industrial networking and automation In a nutshell: Your advantages with DEHNpatch Outdoor No EB conductor needed Equipotential bonding via the enclosure. If fastened to a metal pole, no additional EB conductor is needed. Screws fixed in place The enclosure screws are secured against falling out – especially advantageous when mounting. Protection against moisture The integrated pressure equalising membrane prevents condensation in the enclosure. High degree of protection The sealing prevents moisture from penetrating the enclosure (IP66) Cover Secured The two halves of the enclosure are securely linked by the EB conductor – this makes mounting easier because there are no loose parts to fall down. Strain relief The pre-assembled cable is precisely sheathed. The plug stays securely in the socket even if there is strain on the cable. Universal mounting bracket Can be mounted on a pole or a wall (horizontally or vertically) Only ONE screwdriver needed More Info at: https://www.dehn-international.com/en/dehnpatch-outdoor-poe-cameras-ethernet-applications
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · BLITZDUCTORconnect Protects measuring and control circuits as well as bus and telecommunication systems.  As a universal combined lightning current and surge arrester, now also suitable for protecting terminal equipment. The optional remote signalling unit reports the status of the arresters in real time.   ·	Push-in technology Easy installation without tools  ·	 Integrated measuring sockets Voltage measurement directly on the module ·	LifeCheck Functional or not? See the arrester status at a glance  ·	secR module locking Stays put even in case of vibrations  ·	Easy and safe removal of individual modules  ·	Signal disconnection / protection against polarity reversal Easy maintenance by pulling the arrester module, turning it 180° and plugging it into the base part again  The combined lightning current and surge arresters of the new BLITZDUCTORconnect series protect automation, measuring and control systems in industrial environments as well as information technology interfaces. A high lightning current discharge capacity and a low protection level make them ideal components for reliable terminal device protection. They are available in a compact or modular design and both variants have a width of only 6 mm. Functions such as the new secR release buttons and push-in technology help to minimise the installation effort. The Status indicator and a compatible remote signalling unit immediately report any failure in case of overload. Ex-approved versions of BLITZDUCTORconnect are available for intrinsically safe signal circuits.     TELETASK- Energy Management  In this continuously changing environment everybody is looking for new “green” ecological solutions. TELETASK has managed to integrate solutions that feature the smallest ecological footprint without taking comfort compromises. Predicating how much every integration could save is difficult as every house is different as well as people’s own comfort preferences.  Residential  The biggest energy consumers in a residential home are heating/cooling, lightning and any non-functional energy consumers. TELETASK has figured out how to control these efficiently by integrating the house and it’s able to communicate with the residents. Everything will be adapted to the residence, the family situation and their personal view of ultimate comfort. Briefly TELETASK will save everywhere and any time when possible, even when you are sleeping. Never look or think about your energy bill again! TELETASK takes care for you and your wallet!  Professional  It’s easier to calculate possible savings in a professional environment. The TELETASK HQ in Gent, is fully integrated of all functions and rooms. These are showrooms, offices, reception rooms, laboratories, warehouses, production and also external surfaces. Only when an employer has been recognized by the access control system of the TELETASK system, his workspace, and his workspace only will be heated/cooled. This type of savings are easy to calculate and in this specific case several MWh (MegaWatt Hours) Plus extended lifetime of lightning and other connected appliances whichresult in the reduction of maintenance cost. So the TELETASK System pays for itself! For more information email info@r3alimited.com
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