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DEHNshield® ... (FM) Lives up to what other arresters promise! Protection of terminal equipment with wave breaker function: The lightning impulse is reduced to a minimum so that terminal equipment is subjected to almost no energetic stress. DEHNshield ... (FM) takes up only 4 standard DIN modules and is thus ideally suited for DIN rails with restricted space conditions. The combined arrester is available with remote signalling contact and can thus be monitored through your factory master control system. This ensures that faults are identified at an early stage and that they are quickly eliminated. Fields of application DEHNshield ... (FM) is an optimal protection solution for residential buildings. Additionally, it is also recommended for special applications such as: *  Connection of outdoor lights *  Protection of charging stations for electric vehicles *  Protection of gutter heating systems *  Protection of inverters in certain constellations For more information email info@r3alimited.com
DEHNvario DEHNvario 3in1 surge arrester protects analogue camera systems DEHNvario stands for a new generation of arresters which protects different signals of power supply and information technology systems and stands out due to its extremely flexible connection technology.  Compact arrester for ensuring protection and availability of video transmission systems.  DEHNvario 3in1 ensures unrestricted operation of analogue camera and video transmission systems even during thunderstorms.  Low unit price, compatibility with other components, wide range of video signals or protection of existing systems – analogue CCTV cameras are still widely used.  This is where the DEHNvario 3in1 surge arrester for analogue camera systems comes in. This complete solution protects three interfaces in a single device: The supply voltage, data interface and video signal. This largely eliminates incorrect selection of devices.  DEHNvario 3in1 is ideally suited for  * 230 V supply * RS485 (pan, tilt, zoom functions) * Analogue video signals (BNC)  With its high discharge capacity up to 5 kA (8/20 µs) per core, it can be used according to the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0B to 2 and higher. For more information email info@r3alimited.com   DEHNclip rebar clip - Installation without tools  DEHNclip is installed without toold and offers the following advantages:  * Time savings thanks to simple snap-in mechanism * Screws and nuts are not lost during installation Thanks to its compact design, this clip is particularly suited for places which are difficult to access. It saves space and weight in the vehicle and at the construction site.  Since less material is used, resources are conserved and environmental impact is minimised. Good to know: DEHNclip takes up little space in the upper reinforcements so that sufficient concrete cover is ensured.           Tested Technology  Together with building industry experts, the new spring steel clip was thoroughly tested and optimised for practical use. DEHNclip is tested for lightning current carrying capability and complies with the normative requirements for foundation earth electrodes and lightning protection systems. For more information email info@r3alimited.com   TELETASK- Energy Management  In this continuously changing environment everybody is looking for new “green” ecological solutions. TELETASK has managed to integrate solutions that feature the smallest ecological footprint without taking comfort compromises. Predicating how much every integration could save is difficult as every house is different as well as people’s own comfort preferences.  Residential  The biggest energy consumers in a residential home are heating/cooling, lightning and any non-functional energy consumers. TELETASK has figured out how to control these efficiently by integrating the house and it’s able to communicate with the residents. Everything will be adapted to the residence, the family situation and their personal view of ultimate comfort. Briefly TELETASK will save everywhere and any time when possible, even when you are sleeping. Never look or think about your energy bill again! TELETASK takes care for you and your wallet!  Professional  It’s easier to calculate possible savings in a professional environment. The TELETASK HQ in Gent, is fully integrated of all functions and rooms. These are showrooms, offices, reception rooms, laboratories, warehouses, production and also external surfaces. Only when an employer has been recognized by the access control system of the TELETASK system, his workspace, and his workspace only will be heated/cooled. This type of savings are easy to calculate and in this specific case several MWh (MegaWatt Hours) Plus extended lifetime of lightning and other connected appliances whichresult in the reduction of maintenance cost. So the TELETASK System pays for itself! For more information email info@r3alimited.com
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