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NEW: DEHNblitzductor XTU, an universal voltage surge
arrester for instrumentation and automation systems.
Another innovative product from DEHN.
BLITZDUCTOR® XTU – The new universal voltage arrester of
the Yellow/Line family. Future-oriented technology and high
system availability are important factors for increasing cost-
effectiveness. BLITZDUCTOR® XTU, the first arrester to adapt
itself to the nominal voltage of the installation, is an innovation
from DEHN.
BLITZDUCTOR® XTU arresters are
combined lightning current and surge
arresters for protecting information and
automation systems which distinguish
themselves through a new,
revolutionary technology: The nominal
voltage is not specified, however, the
arrester can be used for all voltages in
the range of 0 to 180 V d.c. Its
innovative technology allows the
arrester to automatically detect the
signal voltage of the information signal
and adapt itself to this voltage.
Moreover, it continuously adapts its
voltage protection level to the currently
applied signal voltage and is thus
ideally suited for all a.c. applications.
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In case of interference, BLITZDUCTOR® XTU arresters always have
an adapted, minimal residual voltage for every signal voltage and
provide maximum protection for devices and systems connected to
them. BLITZDUCTOR® XTU arresters also considerably reduce
planning efforts and minimise storage requirements. Even if it is not
known at the planning stage which voltages are to be used for
signal transmission, BLITZDUCTOR® XTU arresters now allow for
specifying a specific protective device already at the planning stage
BLITZDUCTOR® XTU arresters are also ideally suited for retrofitting
existing systems with surge protective devices or replacing existing
arresters as it is frequently not entirely clear which types of nominal
voltage are to be used.
BLITZDUCTOR® XTU arresters are pluggable arresters consisting
of a BXTU protection module and a DIN rail mountable BXT base
part. The base part features terminals for 2 twin wires and earth
connection. An uninterrupted switch contact allows the protection
modules to be removed and inserted without interrupting system
operation. BLITZDUCTOR® XTU arresters also feature a patented
LifeCheck® monitoring function which allows for easy testing of
arresters during operation provided that the protection module is
plugged in. This monitoring function also allows to detect arresters
pre-damaged by overload thus ensuring safe operation. The
availability of the systems to be protected is increased.

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NEW: DEHNblitzductor XTU, the first universal voltage surge arrester
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