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Home Automation or DOMOTICS is the way to bring Comfort, Safety and Style to your home.
TELETASK Domotics Solutions are worldwide the most complete solutions without any doubt and have been installed in all kinds of
homes, by people with a taste of quality, aesthetics and user friendliness. Just because professionalism is always in fashion,

Our goal is to providing home owners with the highest level of comfort, security, a communication environment and the opportunity to
reduce the energy usage. TELETASK makes life much easier by integrating all different kind of function; light, security, heating /
cooling, audio/video, access control ......., you name it. A reliable technology on the background; simplicity and style in front. The
programming of the systems is simple and easy. You do not need a course of days to learn how to define and redefine the behaviour
of the TELETASK system.

From a basic installation to the most extensive solution, TELETASK Solutions are always modular and grow with your needs and
budget. To visit the website of the manufacture, please click here
DOMOTICS - our speciality
TELETASK always takes good living as a point to start with to develop their products.
TELETASK does not relish talking about DOMOTICS without a good reason: our "domus"
is your home! That is why all TELETASK Domotics installations are adapted to the
householder's own requirements.
Domotics is the necessary set of means which generates the INTEGRATION between the electrical
equipment and systems of the house, with the object of raising the level of comfort, security, communication and
Quality is our strategy and that means quality at all levels. All TELETASK products are made
for a life circle of 20 years and even more.
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energy management. TELETASK offers a fully integrated solution to manage your Lighting, Switches, Audio/
video/TV and Telephone, Heating and Air co, Security System. All integrated in
ONE system. The topology is
simple and the software easy to use!
For more than 20 years now, TELETASK's goal has been to set the highest standards of comfort, safety, flexibility and energy control.
TELETASK has been a trend-setter, nurturing its offspring; constantly raising standards by investing in long-term research and
development for systems to be used in the construction of exclusive villas. A new world of opportunities has become reality: the
TELETASK Domotics Solutions for every kind of home and a reasonable price. The TELETASK MICROS makes it all possible.