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DEHN History. DEHN provides Surge and Lightning Protection Solutions around the world for over 100 years and has
become a worldwide known company with several subsidiaries and partners, like
R3&A Limited, in foreign countries.
The natural phenomenon of Lightning is impressing and unique. Lightning represents a stunning combination of nature’s beauty
and awesome power. However its destructive force destroys great economic assets every year.

Although lightning currents conducted in modern electrical circuits can cause immediate and catastrophic equipment failure,
surges from induced lightning and power switching operations are smaller but are more numerous and can result in equipment
non-operation, lockup or damage. Approximately 24 out of 100 cases of damage to electronic equipment are caused by surges.

Our mission is “to protect life and property from hazards of lightning and surges”. Lightning cannot be prevented, but proper
implementation of DEHN’s Lightning and Surge protection solutions can safely divert Lightning and Surge currents away from
ourselves, our homes and our business.

DEHN Products. Today, more than 3,500 products are developed and produced in Neumarkt, Germany, for your safety - and
many of them have a decisive influence on the status of the international standards and therefore underlined the worldwide
leading position of DEHN + SÖHNE.
Surge Protection for AC Systems
For years DEHNguard of the lightning and surge protection specialist DEHN has been the most suitable SPD for preventing
damage caused by surges. The protection technology of DEHNguard has proved itself millions of times and with more than 50
variants, DEHN offers DEHNguard for almost every kind of voltage or network configuration.
Want to know more about the DEHN Surge and Lightning product range? A complete catalogue of Surge and Lightning
Protection Devices is available
online or as a printed version.
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Protect your Communication Network. Nowadays, communication is essential. Only those, who are well informed and reachable
at any time, can compete on the market. This applies to companies of any size, even to the private sector. Therefore, breakdowns
of communication systems must be prevented. Using surge protective devices is an efficient protection measure. We can offer you
the right Surge Protection for all your communication systems. The use of surge protective devices safeguards the equipment and
therefore saves time and money.
DEHN protects Cell Sites World Wide. For more than two decades, we have been involved in the protection of cell
sites. With this long experience we have become one of the most important suppliers for earthing, equipotential
bonding, lightning and surge protection on the wireless market. The development and installation of wireless networks
requires detailed planning and a structured proceeding. Thus, everybody and every company involved encounters
great challenges in these projects. We offer support in the whole supply chain for operators, contractors, base station
suppliers as well as electrical contractors. This powerful service allows us to be an "All-in-One" - supplier. Well-known
companies operating on the wireless market rely on the know-how and the protection devices of DEHN.
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