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Surge-tight with DEHNpipe

DEHNpipe C surge arrester
helps to make process
field devices "surge-tight"
Modern widespread processing installations operate at a high
automation level. A high quantity of measuring devices is used
for controlling and monitoring these processes. In the field
area of the installations, e.g. at storage tanks or pipe systems,
process field devices are used with a highly integrated
measuring technology. These devices are protected against
many environmental influences, however not against surges
caused by lightning.

DEHNpipe C surge arrester helps to make these field devices
“surge-tight“ which is essential to secure a high system
availability, even during thunderstorms.

DEHNpipe C is made of corrosion -
resistant stainless steel and is directly
screwed into the process field device.
Like a field cable, the permanently
installed lines are connected to the
terminals of the process field device.
Thus, the protective components are
situated in parallel to the cable run, the
connection with the plastic field
enclosure can be carried out easily as
the ground conductor of the SPD can
be connected to the ground terminal of
a process field device.

Thanks to the structure, a protection degree of IP 67 can be
achieved. The surge arresters can either be used for Ex(i) or
Ex (d) circuits. Typical applications are 4-20 mA measuring
circuits or bus systems up to 30 V. According to the type used,
DEHNpipe C is designed for measuring sensors with M 20 x
1.5 or ½“ npt 14 cable gland connections.

Minimum space requirements, little installation work and safe
surge protection are the advantages of DEHNpipe C.

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DEHNpipe Surge Arresters help to make process field devices

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