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A CSA approved, modular surge
arrester Type 2 for photovoltaic
installations with fault resistant
Y circuit and 3-stage d.c.
disconnection switching unit.
The modular surge arresters of type DEHNguard M YPV SCI .. (FM)
are specifically designed for protecting equipment in photovoltaic
systems. The innovative three-step d.c. switching device makes
these arresters escpecially safe so that they fulfil the requirements
for modern photovoltaic systems.

The application features of the modular Red/Line family design are
similarly unique as the three-step d.c. switching device. The module
locking system firmly fixes the protection modules in the base part
of the arrester. Neither shock nor vibration forces of discharge
affect the safe connection to the protection module. Nevertheless,
the protection modules can be easily replaced without tools by
simply pressing the user-friendly module release button of the
protection modules. Every protective circuit of the DEHNguard M
YPV SCI ... (FM) and every protection module is mechanically
coded to avoid incorrect insertion by the installer or user.

To fulfil the specific requirements for photovoltaic systems, the
approved safety philosophies of the fault-resistant Y circuit
consisting of three protective circuits of the varistor, and the
combined disconnection and short-circuiting device are integrated
in a single device. This synergy reduces the probability of an
arrester failure in case of operating and fault states which have to
be considered in photovoltaic systems. This ensures that the
arrester is protected in case of overload without presenting a fire
risk to the system. Even in case of voltages up to 1200V d.c. an
arc, which is likely to occur in the surge protective device if a
conventional disconnection device is activitated, is extinguished
immediately and without risk. Fire protection is the top priority of the
DEHNguard M YPV SCI. A fuse particularly developed for
photovoltaic systems is integrated into the short-circuit path to
ensure safe electrical isolation in case of a faulty surge protection
module, allowing de-energised replacement of the protection
module without arc formation in case of a faulty surge protection
module. This unique design combines surge protection, fire
protection and the protection of persons.

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CSA approved:  DEHNguard M YPV SCI for photovoltaic systems

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