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The Graphic User Interface
software is the most convenient
user interface for everybody who
is living in an integrated

While more and more functionalities
are integrated in the modern luxury
home, the home owner has a large
demand for easy to use interfaces. In
some often occupied area’s like living
room, home office, kitchen a
centralized control is much
appreciated, very comfortable and
powerful as well.

The GUI screens are based on custom
floor plans of the home which have the
different functionalities displayed on
top of it. The user can click on the
touch screen to select the desired
room in the house and then click on
the function he or she wants to be
changed. This may be the central light
in the lobby, or closing the curtains in
the dining room. All TELETASK control
functions are available. The new
GUIsoft is the most convenient
interface for anyone who is living in an
integrated environment.

If you do not like to walk to a touch
screen on the wall, you can install the
TELETASK GUIsoft on your favourite
mobile device. The new software
license is meant to be used on in-wall
mounted touch screens, standard PC’s
and mobile devices like PDA or the
new ORIGAMI mobile computers with
touch screen. The low price level of
such an unit is also promising.

- DEHNpatch® is the first patch cable with
Surge Protection in Cat. 6 performance according
to ISO/IEC 11801. Universal use up to 48 V and is
easy to retrofit.
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-Your safety is our concern. For this reason
we have already worked for more than 90 years in
the fields of


Hardly any other company offers such a complete
and harmonized product range. Thanks to a
market-orientated research and development,
products of superior quality and a reliable service
for our customers, we are now in a leading
position on the market and we are working to
extend the same furthermore in the future.

- Surges – a hot thing!
Did you know that approximately 24 out of 100
cases of damage to electronic equipment are
caused by surges?
Therefore, surges are by far the most frequent
cause of damage as shown in a study over 7,300
cases. Anyone who has escaped that event by
now, has either been lucky – seen from the
statistic point of view – or has made some
provisions. Did you?
From now on everybody can afford a
high-end portable touch screen to control
the whole house, including heating, cooling,
gates, music, you name it! Even if you want
to have look into the yard using your
outdoor cameras, its only a few clicks away.
And if you like to have an idea of the
weather report or traffic information, no
problem for the TELETASK GUIsoft.

All you need is now available on a flexible
and simple user interface.

TELETASK developed an user interface
with a color pallet for easy control of
Multi LED and Fluorescent Lights.

Multi color LED and Fluorescent Lighting is
often used in new and modern luxury
homes and offices. Although multi color
lighting now is more widely available on the
market, there were no user friendly color
systems where the user can easily set his
or her preferred color.

TELETASK developed an user friendly
interface on the new TELETASK GUIsoft
with a color pallet for easy control from any
PC, touch screen, PDA or Origami

The new interface makes it possible to
select the desired color in an instant.
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