Catalogues, brochures, selection guides and technical articles on general topics, our products and
services as well as industry-specific applications and solutions.
R3&A Limited

Brochures on general topics

General brochures e.g. DEHN protects, When
lightning strikes (tips on how to protect  yourself
during a thunderstorm).

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Product Information

Brochures, selection guides and technical
articles on surge protection, lightning protection,
earthing, safety equipment and the
DEHNsupport Toolbox software.  

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Industry solutions and applications

Industry specific solutions and applications such
as Telecommunication sites, Wind and Solar,
Biogas, Railway, and Industrial Processes.  

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White papers

White papers provide a range of practical
examples on lightning and surge protection
measures and product implementations.

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Main catalogues

Our main catalogues for our products related to
lightning protection / earthing, surge protection
and safety equipment are available for download.

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Lightning Protection Guide

The Lightning Protection Guide provides
valuable information on how to plan and install
efficient lightning and surge protection.   

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DEHNrecord measuring and test

DEHNrecord multiple condition and monitoring
system for arresters. Here you will find the
software, updates, instructions and manuals.


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Brochures on DEHN services

Brochures on DEHN specialised laboratories
where we can simulate the parameters of
lightning effects, and brochures about
DEHNsupport, DEHNconcept.

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